MetricAid's experts use the latest technologies to support any size or type of schedule, from the smallest group with one shift per day, to complex groups with multiple locations and requirements. 

Software Features

Shift trading - easily trade or give away shifts 

Live updates - all scheduling changes and updates are made in real-time, keeping your schedule up-to-date

Tag-based permissions - assign roles and improve workforce planning

Notes & altered times - add details, modify hours, and apply shift exceptions

Calendar sync - sync to your Google calendar, iCal, Outlook, and more

Service Features

Workforce planning - staff are appropriately allocated 

Preference-based schedules - work more of the shifts you want and fewer of the ones you don't

Multi-site scheduling - eliminate conflicts and double-bookings

Real people - schedules built one shift at a time by experts who know you and your department

Easy, intuitive, and live - systems built that fit the busy physician workflow

Consulting and Reporting


Department analysis - our experts make recommendations based on the ED's existing resources 

Improvement recognition - we identify areas where improvements can be made and develop a management strategy to build a more efficient department

Measuring success - our reports are custom-built for medical departments. You can quickly and easily see where there is room for improvement

Positive Outcomes


Lowered wait times - we have lowered wait times between 1.5 to 4 hrs

Increased hospital revenues - clients benefit from  increased revenues (ask us for our P4R results)

Lowered readmission rates - clients have an average 50% reduction in patient readmission 

Patients who leave without being seen  - our clients report a significant reduction in the number of patients who leave without being seen

Fewer shift trades - because physicians get mostly what they want, shift trading drops by 80%

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