Improve Physician Retention | Increase Hospital Revenues | Lower Patient Wait Times


Recruitment & Retention

Physicians work more of the shifts they like and fewer of the ones they don't. This helps to create a positive work environment and increase overall job satisfaction.


Hospital Revenues

Cut the number of locums and spend less on overtime. Regain lost revenue by improving wait times and the number of patients who leave without being seen.


Patient Wait Times

Our clients experience immediate and sustained results. Since 2013 we have reduced patient wait times in emergency departments by over 4.5 million hours.

Streamlined Scheduling

MetricAid accounts for a variety of complex rules and applies them to your department's schedule.

Workforce Planning

MetricAid's scheduling experts will ensure that you can rest easy knowing that your schedule is filled and equitable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure the right balance of staff each shift?

MetricAid's experts build a workforce plan that ensures staff are properly allocated to provide efficient, high quality care.

How do you manage performance vs preference?

We account for physicians' preferences which are balanced against the needs of the department and hospital.  

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Will managing the schedule require specialized training?

Our system was designed to be easy to learn and easy to use. We are always available to help whenever it is needed. 

Am I able to manage and update the schedule once it is live?

Site Administrators are able to attach notes, adjust tags, modify hours worked, and facilitate trades and giveaways.

Our hospital has multiple sites, how does MetricAid manage them all?

Our solution effectively schedules physicians across multiple sites, eliminating double-bookings and assignment conflicts.

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Does MetricAid have the ability to track and manage hours worked?

Our software tracks shifts and time worked against employment contracts, making sure everyone is on target to meet their obligations.

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