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Tips & Tricks- The MetricAid Schedule Builder for Level 1 Customers

Each newsletter will feature some of our schedule-management advice. At times this might come in the form of general advice (like how many physicians should be on your roster) or more specific topics. This month, our Product Expert and Training Lead, Samantha Kurtzer, has provided advice on the best use of the MetricAid Schedule Builder for new clients.

We realize that many of you will be using the MetricAid Builder to publish your upcoming schedules and wanted to provide you with a few tips on building your schedule and maintaining it once published. Below are the top-3 things we think you should know to make this process quick and easy, including some training videos, and a link to book a training session if you need more help.

Sam Kurtzer Product Expert and Training Lead

1. Edits to Live Schedules

Live schedules sometimes need updates, be it changing who’s assigned to a shift, leaving a note, or altering the hours an individual worked. All these changes can be made on the fly by an Admin user directly on the Schedule screen, allowing you to easily keep your schedule accurate for everybody on your team. See #2 for more details!

If you want to use our Builder (and all the great features it comes with) to edit a live, posted schedule, you can do that too! When you go to the Builder screen, you can choose to import a live schedule into the Builder module by selecting File > Load > Import Live. This will load a copy of the live schedule into Builder, where you can make all the changes you want before re-publishing your updated schedule.

2. Changing an Assigned User on the Live Schedule

You have 2 options - Quick Switch and Shift Exceptions. Both give you the option to assign a new user to the shift, or if no one is working that shift, you can click on No Provider and the shift will appear empty on the schedule. The Schedule Management video below illustrates this.

3. Posting an Empty Shift

If you have an empty shift on the schedule that you'd like to post, you can set it to a giveaway using a shift exception.

Here are a couple videos to help you on your way:

Schedules Features: https://vimeo.com/444580220/8bba20c0f6 Schedule Management: https://vimeo.com/444580390/8d723f35d9 Schedule Builder: https://vimeo.com/443129142/d2c846259f

One-on-One Training Sessions

You can sign up for a training session with our Product Expert here:


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