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Spring Newsletter 2018- Mastering the Implementation Process

Implementation Process and Seven Oaks General Hospital

After six years of working with clients, our team has perfected the art of implementation.  With an engaged group of physicians, we onboard quickly and the improvements we provide start on day one of the first schedule we create. Our expert team ensures the shift to our system is easy by supporting your department every step of the way. From the initial consultation to on-site training, and then with reliable phone and email support, our goal is to make your team happier and get your department running more efficiently.

MetricAid recently contracted with the emergency department at Seven Oaks General Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our team was met by an engaged leader and an enthusiastic team.  We visited the hospital and taught everyone our new system in just two days! We are excited to welcome the Seven Oaks team and proud to work with yet another outstanding hospital. Dr. Lobato de Faria, ED Medical Director at Seven Oaks, described the implementation process:

The Seven Oaks team became involved this year with Metricaid. As one could expect, after over 30 years with a specific scheduled format, the shift to a new system was met with trepidation. The Metricaid team were excellent and non-threatening in their approach. They diligently dealt with questions both in a group setting and on a one-on-one basis to recognize the validity of any concerns and reassure us that this was going to be a win-win situation. The transition was seamless and minimally disruptive. We look forward to continuing this relationship.

Dr. Ricardo Lobato de Faria Emergency Department Medical Director  Seven Oaks General Hospital 

More Lessons from the Royal Derby Teaching Hospital

By Les Blackwell

One of the biggest advantages to working with hospitals in other countries is seeing great ideas you might not be exposed to at home.  MetricAid was hired by the Royal Derby Teaching Hospital Trust (RDTH) to address capacity and demand in their very busy emergency department (300+ patients/day). Today I want to share with you a practice we need to bring back to North America – streamlined triage.

In Canadian hospitals, triage increases total length of stay (TLOS) by 30-120 minutes.  Our triage process is a risk management tool, focused more on infection control than getting the patient to the right place at the right time.  At triage in any ED in Ontario, you will be asked a slew of questions about your recent travels, and any cough you may have, long before you get to say why you are there. This is bad customer service which also adds to TLOS in the most dangerous stage of the wait – before being assessed by a physician.

When you present at the ED at RDTH, you’re greeted by a triage nurse who asks “Are you all right?  What brings you in?”  After a brief discussion, you’re funnelled to one of 3 care zones, depending on your acuity level, where the rest of your history and workup is completed.  This takes only a few minutes.  Keep in mind that for the patient, anxiety level drops as soon as they share their complaint, and drops again when they are brought into a care zone. 

Overall, this efficient triage best practice reduces the time to see a physician by 30-120 minutes.  At the RDTH, 9/10 patients see the physician in 145 minutes or less, with an average wait of 38 minutes.  Any Ontario hospital would be proud to boast of these numbers, and the first to overhaul triage may get to do just that. Much like our work in Canada, our core work with RDTH is focused on improving efficiency and creating optimized schedules that meet the needs of staff, patients and department.  As an organization, MetricAid is committed to learning everything we can, including best practices, and sharing it with you. I will leave you with a quote from Dr. Dan Boden, Emergency Medicine Consultant and Assistant Clinical Director at RDTH.

"It has been a pleasure working with MetricAid to date. For some time, the Emergency Department at Derby Teaching Hospital has recognized the importance of matching capacity (our workforce) to patient demand. The huge benefit of working with MetricAid is that we can finally now start to evidence base our approach to our staffing. We genuinely believe that this will ensure that we are able to standardize our approach which will benefit both patients and our staff. 

Dan Boden  Emergency Medicine Consultant and Assistant Clinical Director Royal Derby Teaching Hospital 

Literature Review: The Argument for Self Scheduling

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  • A review of the academic literature supporting a self-scheduling model

  • The advantage of transitioning to a professional scheduling service that incorporates the principles of self-scheduling

  • Why self-scheduling is an effective intervention strategy to mitigate burnout and turnover

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