• Shelley Willis


MetricAid and Medevision, after many years of working together to provide industry-leading physician schedules, are pleased to announce that they have merged and are now operating as MetricAid.

Founded by Les Blackwell and Dr. Scott Daley in 2012, MetricAid serves emergency departments in Canada, the US and the UK. Started as a performance-based scheduling company focused on wait times, MetricAid quickly transformed into a full-service scheduling company. MetricAid delivers work-life balanced schedules for emergency physicians in three countries, while using metrics to lower wait times and improve care for patients.

Medevision, founded and operated by Dr. Rob Horvath, provides best-in-class electronic scheduling tools for physician day-to-day schedule management. Medevision services hospital departments throughout Canada and is a household name in physician scheduling.

Since 2015, MetricAid and Medevision have worked together to serve shared clients, delivering MetricAid’s preference- and performance-based service through the Medevision portal and mobile app.

As MetricAid CEO, Les Blackwell, explains, “our clients have told us for a long time that our two companies should operate as one and we agree! Combining our software and service will create a seamless, superior experience and we are excited about how these changes will improve emergency department scheduling and the lives of our physicians, as well as the care they give to their patients”.

Dr. Rob Horvath, former president of Medevision, and now a director of MetricAid, says that MetricAid and Medevision, as one, will offer a full spectrum of scheduling services to its clients. Clients of the merged company will have the freedom to choose from a suite of solutions that suit their workforce and better support their strategic planning.

MetricAid continues to operate out of its North Bay, Ontario office.

For additional information please contact:

Lora Webb, CAO


1-844-529-5577, extension 14

123 McIntyre St. West, North Bay, ON, P1B2Y5

Toll Free: 1-844-529-5577     UK Toll Free 0-800-014-8907

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