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Hello, Great Britain!

Hello, Great Britain! 

We are pleased to announce our first National Health Service (NHS) client. We are now working with the Royal Derby Hospital in the city of Derby, England, to lower wait times, improve physician engagement and increase revenues for the hospital.    

The Royal Derby is not only the largest teaching hospital in the East Midlands but one of the largest hospitals in the UK. This summer, the MetricAid implementation team will travel to England to work with this dynamic physician group as they care for over 375 patients a day.  

For more information on how we can help to improve the performance of your Emergency Department, contact us at inquiries@metricaid.com. 

Client Feedback Drives Development

The service team at MetricAid interfaces regularly with our clients, and meticulously logs all feedback and suggestions.  We use this data to drive development and improvements to our technology, recognizing that the most valuable insight to our portal comes from the people who use it most; our clients.

Based on recent feedback, we are updating the portal this month with a major new improvement to how our clients input their availability.  The improvements will make it a more intuitive process, and provide clarity on what input is required, and when the input is complete.

We will be circulating information and training materials to all of our clients with the launch, and look forward to further feedback on our system.

MetricAid and the Opening of Peel UCC

In February 2017, the William Osler Health System (WOHS) opened the Peel Site Urgent Care Centre (UCC), and MetricAid was privileged to play a part in its successful launch.  In 2016, collaborating with the physician leadership team at WOHS, MetricAid made predictions on patient volumes and provided staffing recommendations to keep wait times low, and to attract volume to the UCC.

Since the opening of the UCC, MetricAid has collaborated with Dr. Karbi, and other staff, to closely monitor patient volumes, staff performance, and overall wait times. Based on this data, MetricAid has recommended physician scheduling changes to accommodate the dynamic nature of patient flow in a new facility.

MetricAid is proud to report that while the daily registrations at the UCC continue to climb the wait times remain low.

Quick stats from last 30 days:

  • Average of 164 visits/day

  • Average wait time to see the doctor is 36 minutes. "MetricAid has been delivering performance and preference based schedules for BCH ED for nearly 2 years, so I knew they would be able to help with the Peel Urgent Care strategic planning and month-to-month scheduling.  They predicted hourly patient volumes months before we opened our doors, and made staffing recommendations that have helped us keep our average wait times under an hour.  Their ability to predict flow and leverage physician practice metrics to lower wait times, while at the same time delivering lifestyle-scheduling for the physicians is a vital tool for Peel UCC." Dr. Oscar Karbi Chief of Emergency Medicine William Osler Health System

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