• Shelley Willis

Expanded COVID-19 Support Services

This spring many of us were put to the test, as COVID-19 impacted every aspect of our lives. Physician scheduling was particularly hard-hit by the pandemic. With little-to-no notice, schedulers needed to consider; staff in quarantine, new back-up shifts, new screening clinics, and in some cases, the complete teardown and rewrite of live schedules.

Through all of this, MetricAid took an active role in helping our clients manage these new challenges. We proactively offered as much help as needed to find replacements and build new schedules and gave advice on how to staff and schedule COVID-19 clinics, and many other tasks. Most importantly, we did this without charging anything extra; getting help to our clients quickly was much more important to us than worrying about adding fees. Our belief was, “you can do well by doing good”.

What lies ahead is uncertain, but our team wants to make sure that all of our clients know that we’re here to help, and we’re more than capable of handling any situation COVID-19 throws at us. Please reach out to us if you need help with any of the following;

· Finding replacement staff for quarantined colleagues

· Setting up back-up shifts and extra on-calls

· Setting up COVID-19-related schedules (screening clinics, relief, back-ups, etc.)

· Building or rebuilding temporary schedules to account for major changes in needs

· Anything else you’re struggling with!

We’re proud of the work we did during the first wave of the pandemic, and we’re standing by ready to replicate this effort to help you through whatever is next.

“MetricAid has been a key factor in our ability to manage what this pandemic has brought us and what potentially lies ahead. They have been responsive with adapting to our needs and I don’t think I could have managed without their service.”

Dr. Joe Cherian

Chief of Emergency Medicine, Joseph Brant Hospital


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