• Shelley Willis

Development Road Map

Updated: Oct 29

Our software is in the springtime of its product-life and as many of our users know, we take client feedback seriously and make regular updates and changes based on customer need. We’re happy to share what new features are on the horizon.

During the Medevision transition, we logged every request & suggestion, and we are very happy to share our plans for the top-3 asks;

1. Trade Notes – Planned Release Date: December 2020

The much-loved ability to add a note to a trade request (“Hey, John! It’s my wife’s birthday next weekend. Would really appreciate it if you could take this trade!”)

2. Schedule Views – Planned Release Date: February 2021

Locate view with the ability to see multiple schedules arranged in an hourly display – really useful for switchboard, ED, OR, and others.

Month, week and day views to see larger or smaller bits of the schedule, optimized for printing to paper.

Schedule downloading, improved to download exactly what you see on screen in either Excel or PDF.

Individual shifts differentiated from everyone else’s.

3. Native Mobile App – Planned Release Date: March 2021

Replication of the best features of the older app and many new features.

Additionally, we’re always making improvements to our reporting capabilities. Here are some of the reporting features on the near horizon;

1. Shift History – Planned Release Date: November 2020

Report to include historical data for any trade postings, deletions, and cancelations.

It will retain the history even if the schedule has been published over.

2. Updated Filters – Planned Release Date: December 2020

Ability to save filters for your favorite reports.

New filters for billing, patient flow, performance, and equitability reports.

3. Billing Report Version 2.0 – Planned Release Date: March 2021

The new version of the billing report will allow for all compensation strategies to be accurately accounted for, and automatically reported upon.

We look forward to sharing our progress with you and will update these lists with each newsletter.

If you would like to provide us with feedback on features that would make your life easier, please email us any time at; support@metricaid.com


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