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Winter Newsletter 2017- Timing is Everything, Right? No, Not at All.

Timing is Everything, Right?  No, Not at All. My Lessons from the Royal Derby Teaching Hospital (UK)

By Les Blackwell

Behind finances, timing is the reason I hear most often for delaying patient flow initiatives.  I won’t dwell on the cost of delaying decisions today (though maybe next issue I will), but I would like to highlight some of the lessons I’ve learned about timing from our implementation at the Royal Derby Teaching Hospital (RDTH).

1.  The patients don’t care about your timing.

Three hundred patients register daily at the RDTH ED, and none stop to ask “I wonder if they are done implementing that lean project?”  They just come in, everyday, regardless of your plans.

2.  There is never a ‘good time’ for a new initiative.

The day my team showed up in Derby to start the work, the ED leadership was meeting to discuss major IT challenges.  Having changed EMR’s a few months before, they were unplugging it and returning to their old EMR that day.  It was chaotic, but the work continued. 

On our second visit, staff was processing dozens of new trainees, but still made the time to work with us.

There is always something going on, and always a reason to say ‘not today’, much like when you are deciding if you will go to the gym or not.

3.  The sooner you start, the sooner you see results.

When you identify an initiative that will benefit your patients, staff, and funding, the day to start is today.  RDTH recognized this immediately and structured our compensation around getting results quickly.  They will have improved care, staff engagement and funding nine months after the first discussion we ever had, while in Ontario, it takes 12-24 months just to get a contract. 

I am impressed by the responsiveness of RDTH and other UK hospitals to adopt innovation quickly, and I have been corrected on the notion that timing is everything.  Timing is just an excuse.

Les Blackwell, MetricAid's CEO

MetricAid Expands Service Beyond Emergency and Urgent Care!

Since the summer of 2016, MetricAid has been delivering performance- and preference-based schedules to the emergency department physicians at Health Sciences North in Sudbury, Ontario.  Wait times for HSN ED improvedimmediately, and the physicians are very pleased with their personalized schedules.  

Dr. Chris Bourdon, Vice President, Medical, and Academic Affairs at HSN, and practicing ED physician, was so impressed with MetricAid's service that he proposed deploying it for the HSN cardiology group.  

"MetricAid has been building Health Sciences North’s emergency department schedule for over a year, and they have done a tremendous job of making the physicians very happy. What is clear is that their work is more than simply scheduling. It incorporates productivity metrics and consistently delivers a product that addresses the needs of patients and providers.  Their service has been so positive for physician engagement, recruitment, and retention in the ED that we brought them in to manage the cardiology schedule as well.  Ensuring timely delivery of an equitable schedule is something that all services could benefit from, not just Emergency Department."

Christopher Bourdon MD CCFP (EM) VP Medical and Academic Affairs Health Sciences North | Horizon Santé-Nord

This is a much different service from the emergency or urgent care, but one of the pillars of MetricAid scheduling, equitability, is very important for the cardiologists.  MetricAid took on the challenge, contracted with the group, and is producing their first round of schedules presently.

"We are very grateful for this opportunity," says MetricAid CEO, Les Blackwell.  "This will give us the chance to prove our value proposition for services outside of ED and urgent care.  It effectively makes our addressable market more than 12 times larger, for hospital-based services alone.  I'm really happy that Dr. Bourdon identified this opportunity."

Our Team is Growing!

We are excited to announce two new additions to our software development team! Corinne Sollows and Wayne Wallace joined us in September and will be working to further develop our application to meet the needs of our growing client base. Both Corinne and Wayne have an extensive background in development for various business sectors and we are excited to welcome them to the team! 

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