Improving Physician Rostering



Hospitals are complex and dynamic environments. Workforce planning ensures staff are appropriately allocated to provide high quality and efficient care. 



Work more of the shifts you want and fewer of the ones you don’t! Our in-house experts create rosters based on your preferences and contract obligations, ensuring improved work/life balance. 

Easy to Use, Intuitive,and Live

Our services were designed by physicians, for physicians. Our clients affirm our software is easy to use as it follows the standard physician work-flows. Our staff are always here to help. 

Streamlined Rosters

MetricAid's solution ensures you get custom-built rotas tailored to your personal and professional needs.


Tell us your preferences by showing us your availability and ideal shift counts. We'll turn it into an e-roster built with your needs in mind.

Real-time Updates​


We aim to create rosters that reduce the need for adjustments, that said, we know life happens.


Swap, give-up, or pick up shifts on the go and see your e-roster update live as the changes are made. 


Feel secure knowing exactly when and where you are rostered to work.

How We Help

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a computer building my rota?

No. Our team builds the rotas one shift at a time. With over 250,000 shifts filled, our experts work to understand the individual needs of each client.

Our rota is already preference-based, why switch?

We add a performance-based component, without sacrificing preference. This balances physicians' needs with those of the department.

Can I make changes to my rota once published?

Yes. We work to take in to account your needs from the start, but with trades and give-ups, you can adjust your schedule as needed.

If I'm a "fast" physician, will I always follow a "slow" physician?

You can expect to work alongside colleagues with complementary practice styles. This is done to help even out the workload spikes.

Will I always have the same shifts because of my preferences?

No. We focus on layering performance and preference. You are rostered as a part of a team on any given day.

How are performance, preference, and equitability balanced?

We have invested in developing a system that meets the requirements as determined by our clients.

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