Les Blackwell
Les likes Vikings, Bob Ross and crushing wait times.

With over 20 years of experience in emergency departments in Ontario, and now in the UK, my passion is lowering wait times. Although the numbers aspect of wait times makes it like a game, which appeals to my inner geek, I also know the improvement in care and satisfaction that comes from timely medicine.

Jeff Francom
Head of Design and Development
Jeff likes games, awesome action movies and beer.

I received my bachelors in Computer Game Design from Carleton University in 2013, after which I returned to my hometown of North Bay and started working for MetricAid. Since then I have learned more than I would have ever expected, from UX to database design. It has been an adventure in problem-solving accompanied by great team members!

Brad Simard 
Software Development
Brad likes all things cats and playing Rock Band.

Tinkering with computers has been a favourite of mine since the age of 4, thanks to my software developer father. There’s a great feeling when you develop a piece of software that makes somebody's daily life that much easier. I intend to use my skillset to continue to make MetricAid’s software the best around.

Katie Sloat 
Implementation Specialist/Client Services
Katie loves board games, ultimate frisbee and all forms of winning.

I build schedules for our clients. I love the feeling of surpassing the expectations of both our physicians and high-level hospital administration in building schedules that compliment both the lifestyle of the physicians and the performance expectations of the hospital. In the office, I’m known for my competitive nature and social personality. I love board games, ultimate frisbee and anything I can compete at.

Samantha Kurtzer

Service, Data and Efficiency Analyst
Sam likes petting every dog, volunteering in the community, and killing zombies in her spare time.

I have always been passionate about helping others - a large part of that, for me, is understanding our past, which led me to pursue a degree in History and Education. With this background I am excited to join the Metricaid team where I will be able to research for, learn from, and assist the amazing people who work here and the clients they serve. In my spare time I love solving puzzles and playing games.

Dr Scott Daley
Medical Director 

Bio coming soon.

Steve Hicks
COO Client Services

Steve likes Public Enemy, conspiracy theories and board games.

Ever since I was little I wanted to be involved in scheduling people when I grew up! 

False!  I'll let you know what I want to be when I grow up as I'm still figuring that out.  What I HAVE figured out is that I really like working with people, I like solving problems and I like a healthy amount of chaos (read: change) in my day-to-day work environment.

Wayne Wallace
IT Systems Specialist
Wayne likes summer over winter.

Although playing hockey on an outdoor rink is a lot of fun. In the summer, I love the outdoors and rollerblading on the Kate Pace Way. I am becoming addicted to board games thanks to my awesome MetricAid co-workers influence. Favorite show is The Wire and favourite movie is The Seven Samaria. I enjoy my off time also with my wonderful wife and kids. 

Robert Pankiw
Software Development
Robert loves cats more than he is allergic to them. He is very allergic to them.

I graduated from Laurentian University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Computer Science. I love mathematics, and hope to channel my passions, as well as my talents and training, into helping people in need.

Annie Peach
Client Service Lead

Annie loves old English pubs, the arts and pairing New Zealand white wine with oysters by the seaside. 

Through my experiences working and living abroad, I have found a love for travel and passion for culture. New and challenging experiences excite me, and I love exceeding expectations while raising the bar. I am thrilled to join the MetricAid Team, and to be a part a dynamic group who is revolutionizing the medical experience for professionals and patients. Also, I have recently discovered a love for Sudoku!

Casey Wike 
Reporting and Logistics 

Casey likes superheroes and everything Neil Gaiman.

I spent my time at the University of Toronto doing four years of philosophy (Metaphysics and Epistemology) and then one year studying anything *but* philosophy.  During my time at university, I fell in love with tabletop roleplaying games and developed a talent for squeezing the most performance out of any given ruleset.  After university, I spent two decades working on the front lines of a metropolitan ER.  Now I use my min/max-ing powers for the good of physicians and patients alike.

Dr Mathew Hodge 
Patient Flow Expert

I am an Emergency Department physician with 20 years experience in a range of Ontario's hospitals. I was the Chief Medical
Information Officer at Cancer Care Ontario (2010-2011) leading the analytic teams behind the wait time information system. I am the eldest of six boys and have spent my life ageing backwards (gracefully
I hope)!

Lora Webb

Lora likes museums, history podcasts and red wine.

Unlike most of my colleagues, I didn’t grow up loving computers, I grew up loving books and nerdy history things! Although I rarely understand the secret language of software development, I love this team and the work we are doing. I’m also partial to board game Fridays, especially when I’m able to pull from those fun history facts!

Corinne Sollows
Project Lead – Scheduling Portal and Software Developer

Corinne likes gaming, travelling, hiking and animals.

Somehow I ended up with this amazing company. As a military spouse, I have to pick up and move way too often. MetricAid has been an entirely new experience in that they understand my situation and allow me to work from home. It's been a breath of fresh air to work for such a forward thinking, community involved, and board game-loving company! 

Shelley Willis
Marketing Coordinator 
Shelley likes travelling, horses and all types of art.

I have always loved being creative and this love lead me to a degree in Fine Arts and a diploma in Graphic Design. I have been very fortunate to channel this creativity into a career with MetricAid, an awesome forward-thinking technology company. When I am not working you can find me either riding horses or hanging out with Bailey, my rescue Rottweiler.

Thomas Posie 
Service, Data and Efficiency Analyst

Thomas likes Voltaire and making maple syrup.

I completed my MA in philosophy at Ryerson University in 2012. I have spent the last few years working with at-risk youth deep in the Ontario wilderness. I am very happy to join this talented team and get to work helping to improve medicine. I often have my nose in a book, and also love to make music and spend time at home with my wife and daughters.

Chris Jones

Chris likes cats, electronic dance music & solving problems you didn’t know you had in a way you won’t understand.

I’ve been programming since 1985 at age 8 and graduated from the University of Guelph’s Engineering Systems & Computing program in 2001. I joined MetricAid as its first employee in 2013.  It’s my job to keep our data safe and our servers online.

Jr. Barketing Assistant  

Maple likes belly rubs, naps, and pink squeaky toys.

Even though I am a young pup my dream of joining a team like MetricAid was realized. As Jr. Barketing Assistant I am in charge of keeping the adorable level up in the office. I take my job very seriously.......squirrel! 

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